Faculty and Staff


l   Name : Tzu-Chueh Wang


l   Title : Dean, Professor

l   E-mail : tzchwa@mail.cnu.edu.tw

l   TEL+886-2664911 ext.2001

l   FAX+886-2668617

l   Subject : Pharmaceutical ethics, Pharmaceutical administration and regulations, Pharmaceutical care, Analysis of of Integrated Pharmaceutical Care Cases, Public health, Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutical Japanese, Research methods, Pharmaceutical channel management, Drug synthesis, Organic chemistry

l   Field : 

1. Social pharmacy

2. Pharmaceutical care

3. Pharmacy Education

4. Research on Public Health and Drug Abuse


u   Name : Yin-Chuan Wang

u  Title :Lecturer

u  E-mail : box810@mail.cnu.edu.tw

u  TEL+886-2664911 ext.2000

u  FAX+886-2668617


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